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Developmental Reading Assessment

Grade Levels

Grade 2 – required, other grade levels optional


The Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) is a series of leveled books and recording sheets designed to allow teachers to determine students' reading accuracy, fluency, and comprehension levels.


The law requires second grade classroom teachers to use the results to develop intervention plans for students who do not meet standard.

Assessment Time Frame

Fall and spring of each year.






Test Administration

The test is individually administered and takes approximately 30 minutes.

Administration Requirements

Washington State Law “The second grade reading assessment selected by the school district must be administered annually in the fall beginning with the 1998-1999 school year.  Students who score substantially below grade level when assessed in the fall shall be assessed at least one more time in second grade.”  Also, “ Each school must have the assessment results available by the fall parent-teacher conference.  Schools must notify parents about the second grade reading assessment during the conference, inform the parents of their students’ performance on the assessment, identify actions the school intends to take to improve the child’s reading skills, and provide parents with strategies to help the parents improve their child’s score.”


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